Moments that are deeply kept hidden by thoughts.
Emotions put on paper by the senses and perception.
Memories and impulses.

Nothing more and yet true.

Ideas for non-photographers.


Presentation of manifest and latent beauty in the perfectness of shapes, in the freedom of impulses and in the softness of the skin.
Places and people that are by themselves stunning and attractive.


Diary of a man to the woman.
About their relationship.
About how the man perceived what is happening to their relationship.
About the unreality that has been occurring between them.
About the women. About the freedom of the soul, about the whim of the spirit, about the unstoppable adventure of hers.
About a silent dream.
Shreds of thoughts.. Emotional discussions.
With himself. But for the woman. Only for that woman.
Disregarding. Disregarding all the failures of the woman, all the misconceived feelings and emotions.
Disregarding from the past and from the future.
From him.
From the man.

/Translation in progress/